About Us

Steppen was founded in 2021 by Cara Davies, Jake Carp & Dave Slutzkin and maintains the mission of making fitness a habit for millions of young people.

Our Two Apps

The Steppen Platform

We know working out can be hard, intimidating and downright scary for young people, that’s why we built Steppen! Our apps offer an interactive and immersive personalised fitness experience designed to help you achieve your unique fitness goal fast. Discover and be guided through workouts catered to you, track your progress in way that keeps you motivated and remain accountable by learning to focus on what truly matters.

Steppen is re-imagining fitness for Gen Z, making it relevant, enjoyable and a successful experience.

  1. The Steppen Fitness App is where users come to build their fitness habit, find motivation, accountability and make progress towards their goal.
  2. The Steppen Creator App is a platform for fitness creators around the world to create, promote and share their content for the Steppen user’s to access.

Member App

Creator App

The Problem

We felt the problem, so we created a solution

We were those young kids going to the gym feeling completely lost and desperate for something new. We struggled to make fitness an integral part of our lives and kept jumping in and out of inconsistent routines. The problem was that none of the fitness apps available resonated with our generation and failed to keep us accountable and motivated.

Social media offered a temporary solution but the content was hard to consume, it required the use of multiple apps just to get through a single workout and there was no progress and activity tracking.

As a result the fitness app Steppen was born.

Steppen is designed for young people and harnesses the power of behavioural science to help you develop a consistent habit to workout. We employ specific features backed by the latest research to help every Steppen user change the way they approach their fitness journey, leading to a higher likelihood of success.

Our Journey So Far...

June 2021
Launched Steppen
February 2022
Steppen reached 100K downloads worldwide
April 2022
Steppen reached 300K downloads worldwide
August 2022
Creator App & Habit Formation Features Launched

Make Fitness Your Habit

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