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How To Create Viral Fitness Content

How To Create Viral Fitness Content

Are you a fitness creator looking to propel your online presence?

Virality is a common goal for many aspiring content creators. There’s no better feeling than waking up to find that your content has blown up overnight.

Going viral can help you reach audiences far and wide, increase your awareness and build your following. But if you’re a content creator, you know how difficult this can be.

You know the feeling of pouring your heart and soul into your content, only for it to receive minimal views. It’s always such a bummer when content flops.

Which is why we’re here to help.

Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, creating viral content is something that can be achieved by anyone. So, if you’re ready to become an internet sensation, here’s our guide to creating viral fitness content.

How to go viral on social media

1. Keep content concise

Let’s face it. Our attention spans are rapidly decreasing. These days, with the rise of TikTok, the mere act of watching full length movies can feel like a chore. This is why it’s important to create short, attention grabbing content.

For newer creators, around 6 seconds is thought to be the sweet spot for TikTok and Instagram reels. Meanwhile, more established creators can afford to lengthen their videos to up to 10 seconds. But either way, it’s not a huge amount of time.

Also, don’t waste time introducing yourself in your reels — get straight into the content and deliver value within the first few seconds to hook your audience in.

Some snappy content ideas for fitness creators include:

  • Creating short loops of workout content or demos using Steppen’s Creator Tools
  • Highlighting fitness tips and tricks
  • Reenacting relatable fitness scenarios
  • Following TikTok trends, but relating them back to fitness
  • Showing off impressive, eye catching tricks
  • Day in the life content
  • BTS your fitness lifestyle

2. Make it shareable

One of the key ingredients for virality is shareability.


Because social media algorithms use likes, comments, shares and saves as indicators of how well a video is being received. It’s thought that shares are high up on the list of priorities.

The first step to creating shareable content is considering the things that would make you share content. Do you share things because they’re funny, helpful, relatable, shocking or informative?

Think about what your audience would like to see, and figure out what value your content can provide.

Some questions to ask yourself when creating content:

  • What needs are met by your content?
  • Why would people want to share your content with others?
  • Do you present a hack that can help your audience meet their fitness goals?
  • What audience would share or save this content?
  • Is there a reason to share this?
  • Does it contain important information?
  • Are you educating, entertaining or a little of both with some edu-taining?

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to ascertain whether the content is really serving your audience.

Sharable content acquires more views and more buzz, so think outside the box and create something that will wow your audience.

3. Make it interactive

As a general rule, the more interactions you get, the more your content will be shared. Many social media algorithms see interactions as an indicator of quality content, so those who make their content interactive get rewarded.

Creating actionable content can help you achieve virality. To do this, consider whether your content will influence your audience to take an action, whether this be commenting, reacting or sharing.

There are many ways to ask for an interaction, including:

  • Asking people to react to your posts with reaction icons.
  • Asking for comments with prompts such as “let me know your favourite warm up song in the comments”.
  • Asking questions. You may do this in a video, a post or a caption.

4. Get users to create response content

You can go beyond interaction by inviting your audience to get involved and create their own content.

If you’re a frequent social media user, you’ve probably seen people react to content put out by others. We see videos being stitched and trends being created on TikTok all the time.

This is also quite prevalent on Instagram, as we often see people posting videos, stories and photos with popular hashtags, which are then edited to include a response.

So, why not create content that inspires your audience to create a response. Not only will this create a sense of community, but getting people involved will increase your chances of going viral.

To inspire this kind of content, you may choose to:

  • Ask your audience to stitch your workout videos on TikTok so you can workout alongside each other
  • Create your own trend and get people involved
  • Do a difficult pose or stretch and challenge your audience to complete it and post their results
  • Create a short workout challenge
  • Make a healthy recipe and ask people to recreate it and post their results

The more people that participate, the more viral your content will become, so engage your audience on a deeper level and create something they can get involved in.

5. Timing is everything

When it comes to virality, timing is everything.

Using your data, find out what times your audience are the most active, and post during these times.

Many social media platforms give you access to a set of valuable analytics, so use this data to your advantage. This will help you increase your views and engagement, which will eventually lead you towards virality.

6. Be unique

You may notice that lots of the viral content you see is quite unique.

Have you ever found yourself thinking how did they even come up with that?

If you’re a creative person, strive to create content that nobody has ever seen before. Injecting that shock factor into your content will make it more likely to go viral.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Humans love novelty, so create something original and fresh.

7. If you aren’t too creative, put your own twist on viral trends

For those of you who are less creative, following popular trends is a great way to gain virality. Especially on platforms like TikTok, trends often amass lots of views and comments.

Participate in trends, but put your own unique spin on them. Make your contribution compelling, as people are more likely to share and engage with something familiar yet exciting.

And if you don’t want to get involved in trends, you can always make your own. Like we discussed earlier, inciting User Generated Content (UGC) is a great way to increase your online popularity.

Consistency is key

Despite our list of tips and tricks, there is no set recipe for virality. Even if you do everything right, amassing millions of views is never guaranteed. Consistency is key to understanding your audience and increasing your chances of going viral.

When creating content, it’s important to relax, have fun and be yourself. You don’t need to try too hard. Create content that shows off who you are. This combined with a few of our tips will help you create great content.

All it takes is one piece of viral content to increase your awareness and follower count. Virality comes when you least expect it, so put effort into your content, as one day, it will pay off.

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