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How To Grow Your PT Business Online In 2022

How To Grow Your PT Business Online In 2022

You’re probably here because you’re ready to grow your PT business.

You’ve set up all your social media accounts, you have a few loyal clients, everything feels like it’s going well… but it could be going better.

We get it, everyone wants to be the best they can be. And even though things are fine the way they are, it’s great to have ambition. People who constantly push themselves to be better are capable of achieving great things.

But what are the next steps?

Today, growing your business can be difficult, as the PT industry is very saturated.

Luckily, you have the power of the internet at your fingertips. It’s just about knowing how to use it.

We know it’s easy to feel suffocated by all of the resources out there, so we’ve combined the top tips that’ll help you grow your PT business online in 2022.

1. Gain more leads

Leads are people who are interested in your offerings.

Lead generation is all about expanding your audience, which you can achieve through harnessing the power of digital marketing.

Let’s get into some of the best lead generation strategies.

Boost your marketing

When gaining new leads, it’s important to place a strong focus on your marketing efforts.

Think about all the ways potential leads might find you (TikTok, Instagram, Email, etc.), and use all of these platforms and resources to reach your audience.

Social media

Social media is a great lead generator. All it takes is a handful of captivating posts to turn someone into a follower.

When it comes to social media, be authentic, be you and stand out. Show people what you have to offer.

Whether it be short fitness videos, candid captions or colourful recipes, put effort into your social media content, as this is an easy way to show people why they should buy into your service.

Post frequently on all of your social media platforms, as this will increase your likelihood of acquiring new leads. The more you post, the more exposure you’ll get. And who knows, a potential lead may stumble across your profile whilst scrolling aimlessly through Instagram.

Paid ads

If you’re looking to invest a little more into your PT business, why not put out some paid ads?

Figure out the platforms your followers are most active on, and advertise across all of these. This will make people more likely to find you, and more likely to become leads.

Once you get the hang of it, paid ads are easy to create. In fact, most social media platforms offer similar ad creation interfaces. But, you can always enlist professional help if advertising isn’t your thing.

Free downloadable guides

Giving out freebies is another great way to generate leads.

Think about Spotify. Many people love Spotify so much that they’re willing to pay after trying the free version. This can be the same for your services.

Provide free downloadable fitness guides or videos to give your audience a taste of what you have to offer.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to nurture leads.

But be mindful when it comes to email marketing. Often, emails can become lost in people’s mailboxes, so it’s important to make your emails stand out.

Send emails with compelling titles that will draw your audience in. And don’t be afraid to be creative.

Client referrals

If every one of your clients referred you to one of their friends, family members or connections, you’d likely double (or even triple!) your client base. It’s a low cost and high value way to capture new leads, as social proof is one of the most important things consumers look for in a brand. In fact, 92% of people respect recommendations from peers.

So, how do you get the ball rolling with peer to peer recommendations?

Offer incentives for people who refer others to your brand. This could be via an online platform, or in the real world, but offering some kind of discount or incentive for people who bring others along is a great start.

Email marketing is also your best friend when it comes to encouraging client referrals. Communicate your offering and create easy-to-share content that can be sent on to friends and family. It’s a sure fire way to boost your reach and start the conversation amongst friends and followers.

2. Fulfil client needs

After generating new leads, it’s time to focus on fulfilling the needs of your audience.

Define your niche

Defining your niche is one of the most important parts of self marketing, because if you don’t know what you’re offering, how is your audience supposed to know?

Ask yourself, what is my special touch?

For example, you may be a PT who focuses on working with teens who need help building a workout routine.

Think about what makes you stand out from your competitors. It doesn’t have to be crazy, it could even be an element of your personality that you bring to the table.

This will also direct your marketing strategy so you’ll be able to find people whose needs will be met by your services.

Having a well-defined niche will help you meet your clients needs, because you’ll know what your clients are looking for, and they’ll know exactly what you have to offer.

Create content and publish it online

When creating content, really think about the needs of your audience.

Do they want workout plans, recipes, motivation tips?

Do they need help at the gym, or new routines to get them out of a rut?

If your content satisfies your audience’s needs, it’ll help you grow your business. People will come to you as a trusted resource if you’re able to provide something that solves a problem for them.

The content you create will be largely defined by both your niche, and your audience’s needs. And if you’re not sure what content to create, ask your audience what they want to see.

Cultivate relationships

Nurturing strong relationships with your clients is super important. If you bond with your clients and show them you care about them, they’ll feel like their needs are being satisfied.

There are many ways to cultivate relationships with your clients, including:

  • Giving back to them. Provide them with advice, tips or freebies. This will show them that you care.
  • Interacting and engaging with your clients. Reply to their comments and create livestreams and polls. This will keep your relationship alive.
  • Commenting on your clients posts, reposting their progress and cheering them on.

Bring in the human element of your brand, as this will meet your clients needs and deepen your relationships with them.

3. Continue the growth trajectory

If you want to keep building your business, it’s important to put in the effort.

Here are some tips to help you continue your growth trajectory.

Build retainer clients

Retainer clients provide stability for your PT business. They help you maintain a steady source of income that you know you’ll receive each month.

You can build retainer clients by:

  • Giving out free trials to potential clients so they know your services are worth it.
  • Be there for them. If clients can see you care about them and their progress, they’re likely to stick with you.
  • Check in with them, show them you want them to succeed.
  • Celebrate their feats.
  • Constantly figure out ways to add value to your services. If you’re continually bettering yourself, why wouldn’t someone want to stick with you?
Keep your content at the front of people’s minds

Fitness platforms, like Steppen, will help you gain awareness by linking you with like-minded audiences. This will help you constantly grow your following, which in turn, will help you grow your business.

Steppen will help people remember you by making sure your content keeps appearing in front of them. This will keep your services top of mind when it’s time for your audience to choose a PT.

Create different programs that appeal to a bigger genre of people

Using the example we provided earlier, let’s say you’ve been focusing on teens who need help building a workout routine.

You decide it’s time to expand your offerings, so you choose to create a program for 20-somethings who need help building a workout routine.

Creating different programs is a great way to expand your audience whilst staying true to your niche. If you engage a larger audience, you’ll be able to grow your following and your business.

Make sure your business is well-managed

When it comes to growth, it’s important to maintain the backend of your business.

Make sure that:

  • All of your accounts are in order
  • Your communications are well executed
  • Your admin tasks are up to date

Even though admin is sometimes less enjoyable, make sure to stay on top of managing your business. After all, poorly structured businesses are less likely to succeed.

Never give up

Most importantly, work hard and never give up.

Even if you have a slow month, or a slow year, don’t let anything discourage you. It’s rare to get everything right on the first go. In fact, lots of successful businesses fail many times before finally seeing results.

Maintain your confidence no matter what, and strive to be the best you can be, even if you’re not seeing the success you planned for.

All of your hard work will pay off in the end, we promise.

Growing your business is a journey. Whilst overnight success is possible, it’s not a realistic goal.

Take the time to build your business, and work hard at it. People who consistently try hard often see results.

We believe in you, and if you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re already moving in the right direction.

Are you ready to fast track your PT business? Become a Steppen creator today.

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