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If you’re a fitness content creator looking to showcase your workouts and programs we’re the platform for you. Steppen enables you to create, promote and share fitness content to the Steppen community of 300,000+ users.

How It Works

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You can become a Steppen Creator in minutes. Join the community of Steppen creators sharing their wisdom with 300,000+ Steppen users. Every Steppen user has a unique fitness goal and your content is what helps them achieve this every single day.

Simply follow the steps below and track the impact you have on 1000’s of young lives.

Download Creator App & Set Up Profile
Upload Exercise Content
Create Workouts & Programs
Track Your Engagement

Why You Should Become A Steppen Creator

Explore The Steppen Creator Benefits

Content Creation Tools Designed For Health & Fitness

Steppen’s creation works like Spotify. On Spotify you have songs which you combine into playlists, on Steppen every one of your exercise videos forms a library which you can simply add into workouts and then add those workouts into programs.

Step 1: Bulk upload and create multiple exercises to form your video library (or use our ones for inspo)

Step 2: Combine any quantity of exercises into a Steppen workout

Step 3: Draw on your bank of workouts to create as many programs as you’d like

Engagement Insights Like Never Before

Track all your interactions from likes, saves, follows, completions, ratings and more!

Our analytics enable you to make the best decisions on what types of content to create and for who,  improving performance and traction.

Observe engagement that can’t be seen anywhere else. How many people started but did not finish your workout, who actually completed your workout, what did they say about it and how many times have they done it?

Track all this and more on Steppen for Creators.

After 70,000 workout completions on the Steppen user app, we’re pretty confident about what a great self guided workout looks like
Rest assured that the content you share with the Steppen community is being completed on a tried and tested app
Share your content across all platforms with a click of a button... WOW what a time saver!
Keep track of all your followers, their preferences and goals to better cater the experience.
Showcase your training style, personality and focus with your customisable and shareable profile.
Track your content interactions in real-time See all workout completions, saves, ratings and more.

Your Steppen Creator Guide

Creator Handbook

All the tips, tricks and hacks to smash it as a Steppen creator

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