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Make Fitness Your Habit. Steppen is a free app designed to help young people build healthy long lasting habits around fitness.


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Fitness can be demotivating, expensive and intimidating for Gen Z.  Steppen has been built to solve this by providing a comforting, enjoyable and motivating environment to help you achieve your unique fitness goal fast!

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Losing motivation is the #1 blocker of your fitness goal. Steppen uses behavioural science and habit formation research to keep you extremely motivated long enough to see real results.

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Track your progress with sweaty selfies, rate your favourite workouts, join supportive fitness communities and begin your journey towards a healthier life.

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Track & Hit Your Goals!

Tracking progress towards your goal is the most motivating and exciting part of your fitness journey. On Steppen your progress will be fast and evident. Every rep, feeling, minute worked out will be tracked and displayed for you to see!


Workouts & Programs For Your Goal

Find the workout content that’s perfect for your unique goal. Search by ‘10 min’, ‘abs’, ‘beginner’ and ‘at home’ and find exactly what you’re after. With over 10,000+ guided workouts, there is something for everyone.

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“We’re on a mission to empower Gen Z to live healthier lives.”

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Co-founders of Steppen